A Destination

The name Rooster & Owl is inspired by its co-founders, husband and wife team Yuan and Carey Tang. The two had opposite work schedules but always came together around food and dining adventures. And that's exactly what Rooster & Owl brings to the table: a social, shared dining experience. 

Led by chef and owner Yuan Tang, Rooster & Owl is dedicated to the craft of the culinary arts and passionate about market-driven, vegetable-focused cuisine. At Rooster & Owl, you can experience the thrill of fine dining in a comfortable, customizable environment, trusting our culinary team to guide you.

The Experience

Build your own 4 course meal to be enjoyed with the table.  Dining out is more than just as meal: it's a social experience, so we encourage guests to share!

Vegetable Focus

We put vegetables first, letting seasonality drive our menu. This means we source locally and thoughtfully. With the right technique, we can make even the most humble ingredient a star. 


Each member of our team has a voice. We dedicate one day each week to recipe testing and development to create innovative, cohesive, and delicious plates, time and time again.