Are you doing more pop ups?

We hosted pop ups to launch our concept beginning in 2016. Through that experience we made tweaks and adjustments and are thrilled to take the next step: opening a full-time, brick-and-mortar restaurant. While we work towards our opening, we will not be hosting more pop ups. Want to be the first to hear of our grand opening? Join our mailing list below.

What is a pop up?

A pop up is a temporary restaurant, offering a limited menu for a limited time. It allows guests to experience Rooster & Owl and helps us premier our concept and generate buzz! While we won't be hosting pop ups as we work towards opening our full-time restaurant, you can still stay ahead of the curve (or flock!) by join our mailing list below.

What's with the name?

Co-founders Carey and Yuan Tang have largely opposite work schedules. Carey (the Rooster) works during the day, while Yuan (the Owl) works at night, but they'd always come together over food. That idea inspired the name Rooster & Owl, where guests could come together and share exciting food in a comfortable, approachable atmosphere. Plus we love bird-themed puns... #flocktogether #fowllanguage #whatahoot

I'm interested in a private event...

We would be happy to help you with private events after our brick-and-mortar opening; contact Carey Tang at or 703-217-6527. Options are plentiful and range from full buyouts to semi-private dining, custom to limited menus, and full dinner service to light reception fare. We'll help you navigate what works best for your needs. 

What if I have allergies?

Pescetarians and vegetarians are welcome! In fact, much of our menu is designed to be vegetarian and pescetarian friendly without modifications. Most other allergies or dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advance notice, so if you've purchased a ticket or made a reservation, let us know in the comments field during check-out , by phone during confirmation, or via email ( Please let us know ahead of time. We cannot accommodate all requests without advance notice. 

Other Questions?

Email us at We'd love to hear from you!